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The Global Social Issues on Ageing (GSIA), directed by Norah Keating and endorsed by the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG), was launched in March 2011. The mission of the GSIA is to consolidate and extend knowledge of population ageing in the context of global economic, environmental and structural changes. We are mindful of the power of contexts of ageing in shaping regional discourses; and that these discourses are important in determining uptake and use of the data we create. There is much to be done. Inequities are increasing both across and within nations. Marginalization, social exclusion and isolation of older persons remain far too common.

3 Key areas:

  • Families. There is much discussion and considerable evidence of flows of family support up and down generations. Yet there is rising concern about the abilities of families to sustain such support in the face of poverty, civil disruption, migration and changing family structures. Objective: To identify global trends in discourses and realities of family strengths and obligations, toward creating strategies for strengthening and supporting them.
  • Liveability. Global shifts in world economies toward the individualization of risk have led to increased disparities within and across regions in living situations of older adults. Liveability concerns the influence of economic, social, cultural and community contexts on older people’s quality of life. Objective: To identify key elements in liveability of older persons toward increasing their survival and citizenship.
  • Care. Population ageing and the erosion or absence of social welfare provisions have resulted in increasing social and economic costs experienced by family/friend carers, paid carers, workplaces and governments arising from caring for frail older adults. In turn, older adults are the mainstays in their families, often serving as the main carers to grandchildren and to family members with disability. Objective: To document amounts and types of care and support by and to older adults and their needs for support in these caring activities.



2017 GSIA Master Class on Liveable Environments of Older Persons

The Master Class is offered by the Global Social Issues on Ageing (GSIA), a core activity of the IAGG, the mission of which is to build capacity and create knowledge on international issues arising from population ageing. The 2017 Master Class on Population Ageing and Liveable Environments of Older Persons was offered in conjunction with the IAGG World Congress held in San Francisco, July 23, 2017. This third Master Class included a series of presentations by senior international scholars with expertise in Liveability who mentored the Early Career Scholar (ECS) participants throughout the Master Class and IAGG World Congress. Mentors and ECS (shown in the photo) came from all over the world to participate in the 2017 Master Class: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Scotland, South Korea and the USA. 

Previous Master Classes included Population Ageing and the Challenges of Integrating Paid Work and Family Care Work (IAGG European Region 2015 Dublin); and Families, Ageing and Care (IAGG Africa Region 2016 Nairobi).