The exchange of knowledge with other researchers, partners, and the general public via a strategic program of communication and outreach is an integral component of the Research on Aging, Policies, and Practice (RAPP) Research Program. This includes conventional academic channels such as conference presentations, journal articles, and book chapters.

The RAPP team also submits reports and recommendations to the policy community. Service provider and not-for-profit agencies use our research to improve practice and advocate for better programs to serve older adults and adults with disabilities. Drs. Janet Fast and Norah Keating are often interviewed by the media to help inform the public of issues associated with aging and family/friend care.
Released September 17, 2014

Combining care work and paid work is the norm for many employed Canadians, with caregivers making up 30% of the workforce. In fact, there are over 5.6 million employed caregivers aged 19-70 in Canada, and most work full-time. Learn more about care-related employment consequences and what drives them in a new FACT sheet on combining care work and paid work based on analysis of Statistics Canada's 2012 General Social Survey.

Released May 20, 2014

The Economic Costs of Care

Caregiving is increasingly a normative experience. More than 1 in 4 Canadians (26% of men, 31% of women) or 3.8 million people aged 45 or older provide assistance to an adult with a long term health condition or physical limitation. And more than half (52%) of all women and 40% of all men aged 45 and older reported that they had provided care to someone with a long term health problem at some time since they were 15 years old. These reports explore the short and long term economic costs that family/friend caregivers and their employers incur.

A framework and literature review on the economic costs of care

The intersection of caregiving and employment

Monetizing the costs of eldercare-related employment consequences

Care-related out-of-pocket costs

Availability, accessibility and effectiveness of workplace supports for Canadian caregivers

Economic costs of care to family/friend caregivers: A synthesis of findings

Economic costs of care to employers: A synthesis of findings

Recently published

Scharf, T. & Keating, N. (Eds.) (2012). From exclusion to inclusion in old age: A global challenge. Bristol UK: The Policy Press.

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Our scholarly research is published in a variety of peer-reviewed publications around the world. We often collaborate with researchers from other institutions and mentor graduate students (*) and postdoctoral fellows (#) through the writing process.

Articles in press

Characteristics and contributions of non-kin carers of older people: A closer look at friends and neighbours by T. LaPierre and N. Keating in press with Ageing in Society.


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2011 Academic articles

Diversity among older adults in rural Canada: Health in context by N. Keating and J. Eales. In J. Kulig and A Williams (Eds.) Health in Rural Canada (pp. 427-446), UBC Press, Vancouver BC.

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We are often contracted by governments or not-for-profit organizations to conduct or summarize research evidence to inform evidence-based policy decision making. Here are some of the reports we have completed over the last 10 years to organizations, such as Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Policy Research Initiative and Veterans Affairs Canada.









  • Interplay of risk factors associated with the negative outcomes among family caregivers: A synthesis of the literature