Current research projects

Understanding Caregivers’ Needs

With funding from AGE-WELL, Canada’s technology and aging network, we are:

  • deepening our understanding of the health, social and financial consequences family/friend caregivers experience
  • assessing the potential for Assistive Technologies (AT) to meet family/friend caregivers’ needs, including compiling and evaluating existing AT products and services for family/friend caregivers (precedent-based analysis)
  • understanding the Information and Communication Technology (digital literacy) skills of older workers and family/friend caregivers. ICT literacy and the role of assistive technology in helping older workers
  • conducting a feasibility study to collect evidence about employers’ and their carer-employees’ experiences with and beliefs about how ATs can help them integrate, manage or balance paid work and care work roles. Connecting Working Caregivers Project Summary
  • contributing to the development of Huddol, the first cross-disease, cross-platform, social health network that aims to help family and friend caregivers connect with each other and health care professionals
  • contributing to the development of MatchWork, a cloud-based platform that powers employment service agencies helping hard-to-employ people by ensuring it meets the needs of older workers and family caregivers
  • mobilizing knowledge by co-creating with older adults several illustrated short films that reflect a common problem older persons may experience and designed things as potential solutions

Transitions and Impact on Later Life (TRAILL)

With funding from the Kule Institute for Advanced Study (2016-2019), we: