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Graduate Students

As part of their graduate education, these graduate students are currently working on projects related to the RAPP Research Program:

Sharon Anderson (PhD student) - started her doctoral studies in May 2011 and received a Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship.
Stephanie Fletcher (PhD student) - presented her research on the social and health consequences of family/friend caregiving at the Statistics Canada Socio-Economic Conference in Gatineau QC September 26-27, 2011.
Nicole Gaudet (MSc student) - co-authored an article with Norah Keating on a framework for creating age-friendly dementia environments based on a workshop given in Barcelona. The article will be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging.
Sarah Lucas (MSc student) - received a Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship. She was a co-author on several conference presentations during the fall of 2011 related to her research assistantship developing a framework on the economic costs of care.
Zhaowen Mei (MSc student) - started her masters studies in September 2011.
Cecelia Reyes-Uribe (PhD student) - passed her candidacy exam.

Students say...

"I feel very privileged to be part of this team. This is a great learning experience and one that cannot be achieved through sitting in any course. Getting to know all the team members, getting familiar with their work and being exposed to the dynamics of a multidisciplinary project is certainly an extraordinary opportunity that helps me get better prepared for a future career as a researcher and an academic."

Jennifer Swindle graduates with PhD in Human Ecology


Since 2003, the following graduate students have completed their degree programs with RAPP:

Satomi Yoshino (PhD 2011). Ethnic variations in the care of older adults in Canada. Supervisor: Janet Fast.

Chelsea Dunlop (MSc 2010). The contributions of older adults: Perspectives from researcher and stakeholder groups. Supervisor: Janet Fast.

Jennifer Swindle (PhD 2009). Social and support networks of older adults in rural Canada. Supervisor: Norah Keating.

Julia Rozanova (PhD 2008). Social engagement of older rural Canadians: Constraints and facilitators of choice. Co-Supervisor: Norah Keating.

Insaf Hag-Mousa (PhD 2008). Moving on: Ugandan families and HIV/AIDS. Supervisor: Norah Keating.

Linda Cook (PhD 2007). Mental illness: Family/friend caregiver costs. Supervisor: Norah Keating.

Bonnie Lashewicz (PhD 2006). Equity Among equals: Sibling views of fairness in parent care and parent asset distribution. Supervisor: Norah Keating.

Sherry Ann Chapman (PhD 2005). Aging well: Constructing identity with special things. Supervisor: Norah Keating.

Virginia Crawford (MA 2005). Building community around the Clearwater Care Centre: A rural case study. Supervisor: Norah Keating.

Jason Walker (MSc 2005). Still work-life 2002: A portrait of employed eldercare providers in Canada. Supervisor: Janet Fast.

Otfinowski, Pam (MSc. 2003). Care networks of adults with chronic illness and disability. Supervisor: Janet Fast.