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Graduate Students

RAPP is fortunate to attract talented graduate students interested in aging. Where possible, our graduate students are able to work as research assistants on projects to augment their learning with practical skill development. Our current cohort of students and their areas of interest include:

  • Victoria Bleeks (PhD student) is focusing on the arts and aging
  • Anna Chudyk (Course-based Masters student) is focusing on the social participation of older persons in rural communities
  • Shanika Donalds (PhD student) is focusing on older caregivers' financial well-being
  • Carlos Fiorentino (PhD student) is focusing on design
  • Choong Kim (PhD student) is focusing on health and lifestyle behaviors as mediators of healthy outcomes for family caregivers
  • Charlene Knudsen (PhD student)
  • Jon Lai (Masters student) is focusing on financial preparedness of older persons
  • Andrew Magnaye (PhD student) is focusing on employed caregivers
  • Mackenzie Martin (UG student) is focusing on aging and material culture
  • Jasneet Parmar (Masters student)
  • Hui Ren (PhD student) is focusing on design for dementia


Students say...
"I feel very privileged to be part of this team. This is a great learning experience and one that cannot be achieved through sitting in any course. Getting to know all the team members, getting familiar with their work and being exposed to the dynamics of a multidisciplinary project is certainly an extraordinary opportunity that helps me get better prepared for a future career as a researcher and an academic."

The following graduate students have completed their degree programs with RAPP in the last five years:

  • Sharon Anderson (PhD 2017). How marriages change after a stroke. Supervisor: Norah Keating
  • Nicole Gaudet (MSc 2015). Dementia care by design: De Hogeweyk as a case study. Documentary films and written report. Supervisors: Megan Strickfaden and Janet Fast.
  • Teresa Lawrence (MSc 2015). Social return on investment: The current Alberta Seniors context. Report to Alberta Seniors. Supervisor: Janet Fast
  • Drew Turner (MSc 2015). Making senior centre activities more men-friendly: An environmental scan of Canadian senior centre programming. Report to the Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton (SAGE). Supervisor: Janet Fast
  • Sarah Lucas (MSc 2013). The health and social consequences of caregiving for family and friend caregivers of older adults. Supervisor: Norah Keating
  • Zhaowen Mei (MSc 2013). Gifts of a lifetime: The contributions of older Canadians. Report to the Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton (SAGE). Supervisor: Janet Fast
  • Stephanie Fletcher (MSc 2013). An evaluation of programs for older adults in Greater Edmonton Foundation housing. Supervisor: Norah Keating